Thursday, July 03, 2008

Presidential Round-Up

President McCain's been pulling so much crap, gotta dump it into a single post....

Straight talk:
McCain became visibly angry when I asked him to explain how his Vietnam experience prepared him for the Presidency.
"Please," he said, recoiling back in his seat in distaste at the very question.
Soon after, McCain "collected himself" and apologized for losing his cool. "I kind of reacted the way I did because I have a reluctance to talk about my experiences," he said, adding, "I am always reluctant to talk about these things."

First, the question was pretty straightforward: How did McCain's service in the war prepare him for the presidency? For a candidate who emphasizes his military service all the time, this shouldn't have been especially difficult to answer, and it certainly shouldn't have left him "visibly angry."

Second, it's curious that McCain explained his incensed reaction by pointing to his reluctance to "talk about my experiences." Whether McCain talks about his service or not is entirely up to him, but he really doesn't seem especially reluctant at all. In fact, McCain talks about his Vietnam service all the time, and his campaign has made it the basis for multiple campaign ads. Indeed, in one commercial, the McCain campaign literally included interrogation footage from McCain's days as a prisoner of war.

Given this, it seems odd that a question about how this service prepared him for the presidency would set him off like this. Indeed, by constantly talking about his service, McCain has been making the implicit case that his military background necessarily prepared him for the presidency.

Is no one supposed to ask why?

Where's the straight talking answer? Me, I never knew torture and imprisonment were per se proof of leadership skills although after eight years of Our Leaders, victimhood may in fact, in some manner, be a qualification of sorts....

President McCain distances himself from Beloved Leader by replacing his top campaign staff with Beloved Leader's. I'm sure there's a very good, straight talking explanation.

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