Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another Thing That Almost Made Me Laugh

The Top 15 Outsourced Newspaper Headlines From India

Green Houses in Sky Making Temperatures Too Warm

New York Mets Losing So Often, Manager Is Set on Fire

The headline queue is full; there is an approximate 30-minute wait time until a new headline will be available.

Midwest Sissies Petulantly Whine About Non-Annual Flooding

Telecoms to Receive Vaccinations

Cleveland Punjabis Defeat San Diego Fathers 3-2 as Water Vessels Fight to the Death

Studies Show Men Taking Viagra Have Longer, Firmer Lives

Driver Loses Arm and Leg in Oil Amputation

Famous Comedian Executed for Saying Forbidden Words on TV

Clothings Experts Say What You Should Wear This Summer Is Much, Much Different From What You Wore Last Summer

Boston Clerics Win 17th NAMBLA Championship in Sex Games

Bear Attacks Wall Street!

Court Allows Married California Couples to Be Happy

Strange Singer Amy Winehouse Is Sikh!

Britney Spears Shows Hairless Kitten to Photographers

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