Sunday, March 16, 2008

American Justice

On February 25th, I posted a notice about my friend Kevin, a prison inmate. (

Kevin is very interested in trying to better himself. A while back, I sent him a few books, including a dictionary and a grammar book, from (I've been sending prisoners books via Amazon for years.) I couldn't find the grammar book I use (it's out of print), so I took a chance on one called Painless Grammar. He loved it! They also sent Kevin one of their brochures, which listed some of the other books in the Painless series. There were three that especially interested him: Painless Writing, Painless Reading Comprehension, and Painless Poetry.

I got a call from Kevin tonight. He told me that the prison authorities had declared the books contraband. They refused to give him any reason why they considered these books so dangerous and subversive.

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