Saturday, June 14, 2008

Straight Talk From President McCain; He Does NOT Care About Bringing Any Troops Home From Iraq

Maybe it's all part of a plan to show he's the same kind of guy as Beloved Leader: possessed of ne more than below average intelligence.

While we're at it, let's shoot down (pun intended) his equating 100 years in Iraq with 50+ years in South Korea: The former pretty much is self-governing are we are not so much as a line, as it were, that North Koreans cannot cross without repercussions. As much as any, South Korea is a functional nation. Iraq has two options: A dictator (unacceptable) or the iron control of us liberators. In other words, Iraq is not a matter of providing some military muscle, like South Korea, but to have an iraq anything like what the Neocons hallucinated, we have to run the entire &**%$ing country.

Now, the next president of the United States and some straight talk (til it's no longer operative and he flip-flops):

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