Sunday, June 22, 2008


Just a bunch of links, instead of full posts with slabs of quotes... saving energy, keeping the AP off my ass....

Sunday's "Doonesbury" features the wisdom of Beloved Leader. Go to the archives link and look for 22 June.

Greenwald rips Obama for wussing out the new Constitution-trashing FISA bill. Same old mistake: letting the wingnuts call the shots for you....

The ACLU explains why it sucks.

Ditto, Sen. Russ Feingold (the real conscious of the Senate, not that walking example of oral terminal flatulence, "Honest" Joe Lieberman).

Obama defends his position -- articulately and almost persuasively -- but neglects to point out that the new law was not bad in anyway, just ignored by Our Lawless Leaders (not an insignificant or irrelevant distinction).

What we always knew, now scientifically proven!
Bad guys really do get the most girls
Student hacks school computer, changes grades, gets sentenced to 38 years. Not so bad, really, if sentence sticks; gets free food, board, maybe education and exercise and maybe learn some skills, some possibly beneficial -- of course, on release, will still be same dope as now but it will be good while it lasts....

My goodness gracious, indeed! Eat curry and reduce harm of diabetes 2.

Bull of the day:
The Motion Picture Association of America said Friday intellectual-property holders should have the right to collect damages, perhaps as much as $150,000 per copyright violation, without having to prove infringement.
Cockburn on Russert: The longer version.

You've been good, so a break:

Okay, another:

I guess I used to be the exception to Dr. Fisch's theses... (but now I'm no better and have a belly...).

President McCain is in fact a straight talker. He does not flip-flop. He simply straight talks out both sides of his mouth. Again, that is not flip-flopping. Thank you.

And here's some straight talk from President McCain about why public financing is good even if you have to do end runs around restrictions (or "break the law").

Which Senators take kickbacks (in one way or another) from subprime predators? Look!

Truth? Yahoo is irrelevant because it's so lame. See what a loser it is. It's like a zombie: brain just hasn't gotten the word yet that it's dead. That's why it was perfect for Micro$oft: a lousy, expensive solution....

"Honest" Joe is not the only Dem supporting President McCain; the president has worse. And maybe "Honest" Joe is only prescient; the Dems'll all be rolling over for President McCain anyway, just as they have and continue to do for Beloved Leader.

If you want, read about a little wingnut dementia here. And no, I really don't believe there's anything like this towards the opposite end of the spectrum -- too involved and time-consuming to explain here and now. These people are sick.... And here's another sicko -- a senator -- too
screwed up to be able to figure out how much money she makes. Her tax returns must be... interesting. Maybe I'll rat here out to the IRS, get a little bounty money....

See who helped to promote predatory lending to goose home sales which has now created that, well, sinking feeling in the global economy....

You lucky subscriber's to Fauz Bidness Journal can learn of a great business model: an unwanted chain of stores' profit rests solely on mall owners paying them to open stores, so when they burn through that money, they're left with bankruptcy. But the top guys sureley made theirs.... A lesser but free version of the story is here.

Oh my God! Big Media gives President McCain a pass! Talk about a dog bites man story....

Reminder: The wingnuts are a bunch of lying and/or simply deranged sickos. Speaking of which, two visual examples of their perverse, debased morality: here and here.

President McCain maybe hates blacks.

Why we need revisionism to Timmeh's canonization.


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