Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Reminder Not Just For Memorial Day....

This Memorial Day remembering Marine Lance Cpl. Jeff Lucey who was lost to his family, friends and the rest of us fighting the war that stayed in him after Iraq. The anguish, pain and suffering resulting from this war continues to afflict 300,000 veterans every day. One hundred twenty take their own lives every week. To a very great degree vets are left to their own devices to cope with this and related illnesses. These American patriots need to be put at the top of the list, shown the way out of PTSD to the mental health services they desperately need. Jeff’s pain was unrelenting, although hidden. He did relate his stories in letters. He claimed to have been ordered to shoot two Iraqi soldiers at point blank range. He anguished over their age and the moral depravity of war. He took their dog tags and wore them himself. He took his own life June 22, 2004.

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